Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gearing Up To Post My Closing Remarks

Before I post my closing remarks, I want to say that this debate has been very thought-provoking for me, and that Ben has been a challenging opponent. I want to thank him for doing this with me (and for hanging out with me outside of the debate prep. Ben is a solid dude). I hope that this has been a helpful discussion for those of you who have followed it. If you found what we said to be interesting or informative, then I would strongly encourage you to share it with others.

To my fellow Christians-- I want to encourage you to take some time to understand what those outside of the church believe, why they believe it, and why Christ offers a much better answer. It not only makes you better equipped to share the Gospel with people right where they are, but it also shows that you're open-minded and interested in what other people believe. It can also help you to think more about what your faith means in contrast to other belief structures.

For those of you looking to start in on apologetics (defending the faith) I recommend a few websites which have been helpful to me:

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